Behind The Curtain

Dracula’s House is owned and distributed by The American Horror Company.

The American Horror company is based in Illinois and specializes in American made horror and sci-fi movie props, themed stores, dark rides, and more.

The American Horror Company is owned by Robert Sam. Robert is a loving father and husband who is motivated by his family. He has a lot of training and discipline from being a fire fighter, state correctional officer, nuclear plant government security contractor and a Kankakee county sheriff.


Horror and haunts have been a life-long passion of his. He has designed and manufactured two of the Midwest’s largest haunts: Reapers Realm and Hailey’s Haunted House.

He was also the proud owner of the first all-year-round Halloween store in Long Grove Illinois, called Harpers Hollow.

The American Horror company is trying to expand its brand and bring the joy of horror around the world. We are proud to introduce this American made Cream Soda to the world. Grab yours today, you wont regret it!