Dracula’s Story

In 1897, the story of Dracula came to fruition, but Dracula was killing long before this period of time.

In the 1500’s, Dracula began building an army of darkness. The army of darkness was filled with dark souls that would ravish the earth causing terror and destruction.

You may be familiar with the story of Dracula, but what people do not know is that Dracula took on a bride in the mid 1500’s. Dracula took a queen by the name of Countess Elizabeth B├íthory de Ecsed. She was a Hungarian Countess and serial killer, who was responsible for the killing hundreds, if not thousands of young innocent women.

On the Dracula’s House dark ride, you will be pitted against Count Dracula and Countess Elizabeth’s army of darkness. If, and only if, you make it through that brutal fight, you will face off with Count Dracula and Countess Elizabeth in a heart stopping battle that will leave with memories that you will never forget!

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